About the

China McCarney started the foundation Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression because he deals with Anxiety on a daily basis and felt the need and desire to “Be The Change” instead of waiting for a change. China resisted and fought his anxiety disorder for 5 years before he finally decided to attack it head on. He discovered that the second he embraced Anxiety as just being a part of who he was, just like all of his other attributes, it no longer had the severe crippling effect that it had in the past. As he began to study Anxiety and Depression he realized what a stigma the mental health issues had. That stigma is a huge part of the problem. People feel they have to be embarrassed because they are dealing with one or more of these issues and they hide and hold on to it as tightly as they possibly can.

This is the change China wanted and wants to see. There is nothing to be ashamed of and if we can create a movement and community where people can share whatever they are going through, and feel support, it will help tremendously. The funds raised by AAAD will go towards resources for anyone dealing with mental health issues. The funds will partly go to big organizations that are constantly doing research to find cures and effective treatments. The funds will also go towards providing education and resources for individuals dealing with Anxiety and Depression.

The hardest thing in life is to simply start. China started by attacking his anxiety disorder head on, seeking counseling and embracing 100% of who he is. He still deals with Anxiety on a daily basis and it is a battle. However, it is a battle he is proud to fight and he wants EVERYONE to join him!

Our Mission.

The Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression Foundation is dedicated to providing resources to anyone that suffers from a mental health battle.


We are not only dedicated to providing resources for anyone who suffers, but we are also dedicated to help create and foster a community where everyone feels comfortable and proud sharing their story. We provide opportunities for any individual who wishes to share their mental health story while also fighting to rid the stigma attached to mental health struggles. We also provide opportunities to benefactors to leave a lasting legacy for future generations through resource creation.

Your input was clutch and these coaches walked away with a whole new perspective and energy to even open up these discussions among themselves, and with their teams…and you are talking to some OLD SCHOOL baseball dudes in the room! You literally changed the lives and trajectories of thousands of kids lives tonight.


I just wanted to say a massive thank vou for setting me up with Teresa. I had my first session with her last week and it was great - I didn't expect to make so much ground in one session. I also heard you had : chat with my friend Andy and I want to thank you for what you've set up here with AAAD. It really is amazing.


I justed wanted you to know that I've stuck with wrestling and became the 138 Girls state champion this past week and am getting ready to commit to a college for wrestling. But more importantly I had so so much fun this vear because I got my anxiety under control. I just wanted to thank you for all that you did for me.